Meet Estefany - tiger & hunny Intern

My name is Estefany and throughout this summer I will be interning with tiger & hunny. I’m not much for writing... I’m more of a numbers kind of girl, so writing this is very weird to me. I grew up in Denver, raised by a single mother, with two younger siblings looking up to me. Ever since I was a toddler I have always been super close with my mom, even when my dad was still alive. At the age of five, I knew what siblings were but I did not want any, I wanted to be an only child. But no matter how much I begged my mom, I got blessed with a younger brother when I was seven.  I grew up in Denver but I was born in the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador. To put it into perspective, El Salvador can fit at least 12 times in Colorado.
Something that I value is the uniqueness of things around us. I grew up in Northeast Denver in what one would consider the hood. The houses were built in the 1990s and by then houses were being built the same. I would love passing through the Cherry Creek neighborhoods because every house had a unique make. I would describe my fashion style as unique. Everything I do depends on my mood, one day I can dress chic, the next I may dress like a tomboy.
My journey to pick my major started in my junior year of high school. I went to a college fair and the smallest booth intrigued me. It was a school for fashion and I was mind blown when I found out that I could get a degree in merchandising. I looked into schools in Colorado and that is how I found Colorado State University. I wanted to be close enough to my mom that I could visit her but far enough that she didn’t have to visit me and I could have my independence. CSU grew to be my dream school and now I’m an internship short of being a graduate from my dream school.
Throughout this summer, I’m most excited in learning how to run the tiger & hunny website. I have worked in retail since 2014 but I have never experienced the e-commerce side of it. I’m honestly super excited for the entire summer and everything that I will learn during this internship.
Fun Q & A:
Q: Favorite tiger & hunny piece.
A: Moon Flower Top. I love the print as well as the flowy sleeves. I like that one can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion.
Q: Go-to fashion or style trick that makes you feel confident.
A: I have always gone by a rule you can say; if I’m showing cleavage then I don’t want to show legs, and vice versa.
Q: Fav quote or saying.
A: “Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution” –Alexander McQueen
Q: Stay Up Late or Wake up Early?
A: Currently, I have been doing both, but in an ideal world I would love to be a morning person.
Q: Swim In The Ocean or Swim In The Pool?
A: I don’t know how to swim but if I had to pick, I’d pick pool because I don’t like the sand sticking all over your body.
Q: Rain or Sun?
A: RAIN!! I love cloudy weather and the smell of rain.
Q: Listen to Music or Watch a Movie?
A: Depends on what I’m doing. If I want motivation to get up and do something, then I would choose music. But if I want to just cuddle up in my blanket on a rainy day then i'd say a movie. My favorite kind of movies are the ones that have sagas.

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