A Briefing by Estefany

Describe tiger & hunny in three words: 
Stylish, van, success
Describe your internship at tiger & hunny in three words: 
An experience, fun, happy
How has your internship at tiger & hunny influenced you?: 
I now am not as lost now when I think about my future. I have thought about starting my brick-and-mortar store.
Favorite part of your internship?: 
I do not have just one, I enjoyed my time at tiger & hunny. I loved when new things came, I loved when customers liked the product, I loved the online and pop-up aspect.
Most challenging part of your internship?: 
Having to put myself out there, even if it was mostly through social media, it brought me out of my comfort zone.
Advice for the next fashion intern: 
Have fun!! Don’t over think when Ashley has you buying for the store. Give your honest opinion when being asked.
What’s next for you? 
Get used to being back home and try to figure out if I want to go back for a Master’s next year.
These past 2 months have gone by too fast. Here is what been going on with my internship at tiger & hunny:
When I first started my internship I was lost because of the terminology that comes with an online store. E-commerce is something that has just started to take off and it’s not taught much in school. But somehow with Ashley’s explanations I got it.
I am really enjoying my experience here at tiger & hunny. Some of my favorite things are the pop-up stores and helping with the buying. tiger & hunny buys at wholesale online for the most part and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the quality of an item online rather than when at a trade show. As a small business I help Ashley with the pricing as well as tagging of items. The hardest thing for me is naming the items. I also help with the merchandising at photoshoots and at pop up shops.
As August comes around I’m excited to be going to MAGIC in Las Vegas. It will be quite an experience. tiger & hunny strives to be a shop that carries clothes that are true to size and to achieve this we will be attending MAGIC to find new vendors that carry true to size clothing. We will make sure that we find vendors that have good quality and good price points. I will help with the buying of shoes and clothing at this time.
Working with Ashley has been super fun. She tells me that she is glad that I’m around because she can bounce ideas off of me. Being an indecisive person myself, I know it is helpful having someone else that sees ideas and concepts from a different perspective. 
Although I’m having the time of my life, sometimes things get hectic and very fast paced. Pop-up shops are an example of just how quick and fast-faced a small business environment can be. 
xx - Estefany




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